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The world is not a wish granting factory

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May 12 '13

On Ansel Elgort’s casting as Augustus Waters

Okay, those against him I just want to get this out. “Books belong to their readers.” As John said that will always be true. But at the end of the day this is John’s story not ours. We can have our own visuals and interpretations. But the character was created by John. No one can know who could play these characters better than John. Personally I think we are all very lucky as readers of his books. He gives us so much and lets us feel as though we have a friendship with him whether we have met him or not. I relate to John and I trust him when he says Shailene and Ansel will embody Hazel and Augustus. Let’s face it Augustus is not simply attractive. Augustus Waters is not your typical flat male character. We love him. Or at least I know I do. So I’m just saying give it a chance. Trust John and at the very least if you don’t like what becomes of this movie than don’t disregard the book entirely. The Fault in Our Stars whether a bad or good adaption of the book will not change what the book is.